New Begginings

See, I done played many games and had many dames.
Pushed em’ down on they luck cuz I didnt a fuck.
Left em’ in the house to weep, while I went and gave my heart to the streets, and never really had a chance to sit down and think, like damn, what would my Momma think of me.
Then on that warm day in July I stepped out my house a new guy.
Right when i seen you i knew i had to give it a chance to be true.
See, I waited many moons to meet my enchanted Goddess.
Perfect like the first day of spring where all the birds in the tree sing.
Then you smiled at me and said ‘Hello’, and all I could do was feel shy and mellow.
Then everything around me began to stop and my eyes focused on you and my heart started to pop.
I knew right then I had to know you, had to show you, had to woe you, had to loathe in you.
Had to get your attention and prove to myself my own redemption.
See, like I said before I had many dames and played many games,
but when i got a chance to meet you my life was never the same.
All the games stopped and my relationship with the streets began to rock.
See baby cuz I was tryin to go with you right to the top.
I had never known a love like this.
So sweet, so special, but yet so innocent.
Givin you all my attention and waiting up for you to call cuz, everything else just didnt matter at all.
I had a new gameplan, I was a changed man and gave my word not to play games man!
i wanted to give you my all and try this love raw.
Spoil you with things, tell you my dreams, bless you with being,
See baby just wanted to give you ME!
You gave me an alternate to life, like i dint always have to be the opposite of nice, and I can try to live my life right so I could make it home and get in my bed at night.
So for the dames I called names and played games,
I Apoligize, I aint the same guy.
Cuz of my new heart I got a fresh start, now my love is sharp, and it’s all thnks to my babygirl.
You know who you are!

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