Questions of How You Teach

I was taught to hold my head high.
I was taught to be strong.
I was taught to speak up,
Or not to be scared of anyone.

I taught to be confident,
And not care about the negative people say about me.
What if the negative is coming from you?
Why all of a sudden teach so differently?

I was taught to be open-minded.
Never to judge others, just leave them alone.
Now why is it so difficult to open your mind,
To someone so uniquely precious at home?

I was taught to want the word of the lord,
And everybody tries to give their all.
Mom what happened?
Why does it hurt a little when you catch me when I fall?

Is it because I was taught,
To love you unconditionally?
Short, broke, beautifully plumped, ma anything.
Why can’t you just do the same for me?

I was taught to never stay down,
Because you’d never get up to win.
Am I such a bad person,
Because in a different way I sin?

Ma, please help me.
I’m so down and I don’t see how I can stand.
You taught me before.
Please, teach me how to get up again.

One thought on “Questions of How You Teach

  1. Hello, wow! This poem was intense. I really felt you about that. At first I thought about the things I tell my daughter (all of the good things)…and then I thought how I don’t always live up to my own standards. And then I thought about my mother.

    This was intense and I think everyone can relate.
    Thanks for sharing this with the BP family!

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