Today is the day where I shine-hips as wide as gods eyes and lips as sultry as the way the sun may rise-hints the word shine-So today is the day where I shine-Accepting me for me and putting shame behind-Walking through doors and stopping traffic not because of my figure 8 but because the way lights grow brighter when I walk in the place-Smile is flawless leaving them speechless-So like I said today is the day where I shine-From the arch in my back, the sway in my swagger, the rise of my breast-Not cocky, but sure of myself-When I say shine I use it as a simile or metaphor-To shine as bright as the sun or sparkle like a diamond-Be sure of yourself and confidence you will find it-To know who you are and where you are going-To shine on your own and not give yourself to many-That’s where some get it twisted and there mind is sercombe to hindering-Today is the day where I shine and can’t be compared to any-Not making that mistake by saying any and meaning many-My light shines too bright so therefore I can’t have a clone meaning plenty-Today is the day where I shine if you didn’t hear me clearly-Look deep into my eyes confidence you will find in ME!!!!!

By: Brittany”BabyGirl”Phifer

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