by – Poetic_Satisfaction – Moocy87@yahoo.com

When I look into your eyes
I see Heaven
And when you call my name
I hear an angel.

I think about your loving face
Your kindness, warmth, and sweet embrace

To be held captive in your arms
Is one kidnapping I’d risk
To be rescued by your
Powerful emotion-filled kiss

I dream of when the day will come
When our two hearts can beat as one

To know that you’re mine and mine alone
Makes me feel like I could
Overpower and throne.

I can’t live without you
I need to have you near
Because with you
I have no worries or fears.

You brighten my day
And erase all my tears
I want and need
To be my love

You are my angel from above
You are my knight, my baby
The person I love.

You are the 1st thing
I think of in the morning
And the last thing
I think of at night.

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