Stay Strong

He was never mine
But the love he gave to me was divine
He was like my remedy
But he only helped with one need
I made the mistake by letting my feelings get too strong
But what he did was wrong…
I have to let all this sh– burn
I’m not going to sit here and yearn
He ain’t worth it
I need a man who’s legit
Cuz I’m so sick of these unfaithful muthafuckas round here
Is it too hard for a girl to find a brutha who can be faithful and sincere…
All the ones I’ve seen are the same…
All them niggas love to run these gamez.
Why haven’t I found one who can do right?
All the good ones don’t seem to come into my sight.
I been fallin’ for the same ones errytime..
Why have I been making the wrong ones mine?
But once you’ve given yourself to someone it’s impossible not to reminisce….
Because In you, he will always exist…
And in the end, when the game is adjourned…
you’re alwayz left with a lesson learned.

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