I am not a rembrandt

a fill this or get that

I am full of Zulu blood

although hud may house my home

it keeps me off the project block

which consistently shelters my brothers and sisters

and just because I get welfare for my food

and sell what’s unused to the highest bidder

my children shall eat vegetables and meat

not malnutrioned or weak shall they grow

but tall and straight and surrounded by love

which will conceal the poverty and hypocrisy

of those that assume I am abusing the system

and dare not think the system is using me

no I shall hold my children in my bosom

and pray the streets dont make a corpse

of my daughter or son

each night they come home

is a battle I’ve won

my child will not know of lights out or

cell block D you see

I will not allow the system to have my children

they shall house and feed their bodies

but their mentalitites I’ll breed

to let them know better

to make them aware

life is not fair

keep your bars Ritkers Island

my children prefer Hersheys or Twix

they shall get thier kicks from

education, preservation and renovation

of this nation

you see

I am not raising felons or thieves

but Kings and Queens who will one day

claim their throne.



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