Things that make you go hmmm?

T-mania – tchelle8180

America America What did you do? Stole a country from Indians To sit back and act like it was you Was this you too? The peanut Heart surgery Traffic light Elavator Shoes Clothes dryer Refrigerator Comb And to get even sicker, the list continues on Who takes the credit? Forget credit Whose getting paid? Into whose hands have these profits laid? Reparations? Lets get to the core How long are we going to sit back And act like we can continue to take more Continue to to take more lies More hidden truths More confusion to put on our youth Police (KKK) continue to beat The uniforms in replacement of those old white sheets Scientist in a lab you seem to be Crack cocaine is that testimony I give credit for that plan Whoever invented that was very smart man Because as you anticipated, it destroyed Plenty of your target it employed 401K is the prison term The lock down of anxious sperm Ovaries are left on the outside Then the two cannot coincide Oh, now I see Leave the woman out And take in the man So the multiplication of a chlid will not be in plan Therfore how can they re-create If you take away the birth-right of the ones they hate Or even better, introduce them to gay WHITE HOUSE CONVERSATION “Let’s give them big money you say Cut out a college education and with a ball they can play Now, let’s send in OUR prey She can claim rape And we can snatch it all away” “In the lab again we go This time let’s hit Africa But let’s hit that slow By the time they wake up Know one will ever know” “We will infect beyond infection Until their brains have no recollection By the time they realize what hit em They’ll be asking for our protection” “Now remember, we want to keep Africans and African-Americans of distance We don’t know what will happen if they unite with persistence Oh please, to Africa, they’ll never go That’s why I told you keep liquor, pipes, and blunts in heavy flow at their corner sto’” “Now, lets infect the Africans kin that here with us Put the virus on the scene, attached with “In God We Trust” How will we hide the cure(H202)? We will do it real smooth We’ll keep it away by not letting the FDA approve” “Oh, its Election time again” “How about we put something really big in the news for distraction Instead of 9/11, I think this time we’ll use one or two of the Jackson’s” “That way we will still be on a roll And this sorry government we created, can still be in control” -Food for thought-

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