This is a Test by

My revolution shall not be televised
nor my religous beliefs compromised
by your judicial system
my tears shall not be close captioned
as you wait for my reaction
just so you can judge me
my lifestyle will not be pre-empted
by your attempts
to disguise your intentions
with my best interest
imposing your morality on my shortcomings
I shall not broadcast my fear
on your local network station
advertising my frustration
for the sake of emotional compensation
with which you are giving
only so you can go and spread my news
I will do you one better
this is my commercial letter
of what will be
no regulations imposed by the FCC
can tempt me
I shall not proceed w/ caution
because your feelings are offended
your guilt tormented
by my sixty seconds of fame
please remain seated
feeling defeated
as you stay tuned to another reality show series
starring me
as we are live and as I learn
Life is only a test.

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