“TRUST” is a strong word
A meaning broken in two
This word is formed around one letter
The letter which is “U”

For “U” are the I live for
The only one I love
And if “U” remain by my side
The “U” becomes an “US”

For “US” means no other love
Only me and “U”
And from this day I can say
Forever I’ll stay “TRU”

“TRU” to this relationship
In hopes it will never “RUST”
For “U” are the one I give my love
The only one I “TRUST”

One thought on “T.R.U.S.T

    For a moment conscious of the connection, I envelop. Spirit to spirit, sending and receiving energy, endowed with boundless range.
    Thoughts of one interlocking soul-bone-blood-flesh. As I look into my eyes on your face. Return is considered, spiraling up into the organized chaos of complete submersion.
    Swallowing you whole, gluttonous pleasures digesting your emotions. Grasping tighter to the essence of unfiltered love. Projecting our blended spirit out into the sticky heat laced air. Pulled back deeply through breath. The next moment begins…


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