Unchained Thoughts

Always a dream never could it be you are not here with me. So I blink my eyes to refocus so tragic now I feel hopeless.
My heart now devoured by sorrow it can no longer beat now I roam boundless to nothing to explore the possibilities, I feel like everyone is against me.
Mother-less since birth I truly believe my life isn’t worth; the time, day, or the words anyone may dare to say.
So unfair is what I think, but without me I’m alone pass grown, still no home, but you will never find me, “always alone.”
Why shed tears if know one cares? Only for me my solitude nothing could ever compare.
Could I dash in time to see what is ahead, disillusions cloud my visions. Where is the promise you made?
Everything is broken instead: heart, soul, spirit, and mind.
Could time stand still but I still have a future, but the past doesn’t exist could I make it and not have to wish?
My roots from the gutter, how long will I suffer I speak for the others the heartless men we have created and still we don’t look at each other.

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