I’m sitting here lonely,
Miserable and confused.
Wondering how could I give a nigga my mind, body, and soul.
Ant still I get used?

I keep asking myself why?
Why did I have to be a victim of loves consequences?
Why is it that my heart always has to be so secluded?
Kept from others and fenced in?

Like a loaded beretta,
I was so anxious and ready to use that four-letter word.
Blind to the knowledge about the power it carries,
I mean, only stories I’ve heard.

Desiring a destiny of someone,
Who love is so demanding and strict.
Seek and you should find your worth,
And I guess mine aint shit.

Knowing at my age,
The technique of my wisdom is so unique.
But still allowing love to break me down,
And making me weak.

I’ve given up on love,
Because I never come out with the winning hand.
Having the potential to exceed in this game,
But continuously coming out with just a friend.

I can’t keep intentionally preparing myself to get hurt.
I know my special someone is out there,
Waiting for me to release all of my love onto them determined for this to work.

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