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Did you know?
Did you know the kind of man I would become,
When you hit Mom, when you hit me?

Did you think?
Did you think about the scars deep in my soul
That were left to fester for all time with your words?

Did you care?
Did you care if I passed the hate to your grandchild?
To your Daughter-in-Law? To the rest of the world?

Well I did.
And although it was the hardest fight of my life.
I never became like you. Hated like you. Hit like you.

Well I did.
And am putting a smile on your grandson’s face everyday.
Working my plan for a happy family.

Yes, you changed.
Yes, you stopped everything, became a man.
Bacame the husband and father you should have been.

But I always wondered.
Did you think? Care? Know?
Or like water under the bridge, let it all go.

I guess I will go to my grave wondering.
Since you arrived there first.
No matter what though you were my Father and I always loved you.

Jeff G

3 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Wonder if you remember me, but I guess that doesn’t really matter…. What does is the pen that you still possess, and the voice that is ever so present. With that, I can only say that I enjoyed the poem, and thank divine intervention for swinging my way, and having me come to this site.


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