When we are Apart!!!!!!

When we were apart you promised if I took you back you would come home every night for me-when we were apart you promised if I ever got pregnant that would make you a better man- when we were apart you said you couldn’t stop thinking of me-I was stupid to to fall in love with you and think you ever loved me- I get so mad because in my head I hear you say you love her and you don’t want me-you use how I feel about you to hurt me- You throw it in my face on how much you don’t want me-you scream and yell at me like you hate you even met me-I get so angry and say things to hurt you and deep down sometimes I wish they would come true-But then what would my life be without you-Everyday I walk around with hate and anger in my heart- Pretending I’m fine, but every time you leave you take a little piece of my heart-some days I look at pictures and cry, some days I go to work and I just can’t take it and I cry-Saying to myself I need to get over it-But it’s not that easy for me to get over this bullshit-I know he doesn’t think about me, so why can’t I stop thinking about him-He makes sure I know that I don’t matter to him-He still throw fake I love you’s and baby I do care about you-but in my heart I know its not true-Why doesn’t he love me is all I need to know- I love him I really do, but I guess if you love somebody too much you push them away from you-When we were apart you said nobody would ever come before me-I guess you got what you wanted and now you are done with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BY: Brittany “BabyGirl” Phifer

2 thoughts on “When we are Apart!!!!!!

  1. Dear Sweet Child, no that the only love you truely need, is the love of God. Even if your daddy wasn’t there to teach you how a man is supposed to love you, God will. I am assuming you had no man in your life as a child because of the way you are searching for love and validation in this man, any man. You asked “why doesn’t he love me?” The real question is “why don’t you love yourself?”. Because if you did, the nig** would not have power over you that he does. There are a million men waiting to treat you bad, but there is one, the one God has created for you, waiting to treat you like a Queen. Hold your head up high so that you can see your King when he comes your way. Looking down will only ever show you one thing….the trash that is on the ground.

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