Where Are The Children?


Do you remember the girls jumping double-dutch and playing jacks on the front porch or the boys playing football and running that basketball up and down the court? I long to hear their laughter. Their innocence is gone. They are no longer dreaming dreams because they live in the nightmare of this reality. Because Daddy is gone and Momma is working 2 jobs, teachers don’t care, and the neighbors mind their own business now a day. What happened to the African Proverb, ‘it takes a village to raise a child?’ The village is now in an uproar and Our Children are raising themselves. What happened to the neighborhood centers that use to keep Our Children safe after school? Oh, I forgot the politicians promised them funding but the programs got the ax during to last budget cut. Now you see red and blue banners waving from pockets or wrapped around heads. Our children are wearing them like badges of honor, the tell tale sign that the gangs are taking over and if Our Children wear either color they will end up dead.
Mothers and Fathers I must ask:
“Do you know where your Child is?”

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