Where You Been?

by – Tech* – Goldskinnedpoet

Brother? Where are you?
I hear you callin but can’t find you.
Tell me which way to turn in this search
Where should I go next, where should I go first?
Soul seeking on a spiritual level
Though no longer on earth I intend to find you in heaven.
Brother, where are you? Turn my eyes to the light.
Help me to find you and succeed in my fight.
To cast the devil back where he belongs
Exorcise the demons I have trapped in my heart.
Brother, where you been? How are things where you are?
Is it cold or can you feel the heat from nearby stars?
Brother, just tell me this. Why did you leave?
What was the reason for God having your soul retrieved?
Brother, do you know how mom cries over you?
Envisioning all the things you never had the chance to do.
Brother, I try to be good here on earth.
But things is hard sometimes, I seldom do right first.
But brother I know you forgive me.
Cause I forgive you.
It wasn’t your fault what happened. They killed you.
One more question brother before I let you leave.
Fear is real but am I right to believe?
See, my faith sometimes hangs in question.
And thoughts of heaven require introspection.
I think it’s real cause of the things I’ve seen.
And if it isn’t then Brother where have you been?

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