Women Have Needs

Finally, an answer to an age-old question…
What does a woman really need from a man?
Dedicated to those who just don’t understand.

A woman needs a man
To hold her in his arms,
Whisper words of affection,
Shield her from the storm.
And if her world should crumble,
He’ll be the foundation still standing,
Leading her, and yet sometimes willing to follow,
Confident, yet not demanding.

A woman needs a man
Not a boy in diguise.
Opening the doors before her,
Treating her as his prize.
And if he sees that somethings wrong,
He’ll step up to make it right.
Penetrating her mind throughout the day,
Her soul and body throughout the night.


One thought on “Women Have Needs

  1. Men have needs to are you willin to give them.
    And if there’s trouble inhis life are you willing to live them
    can you guild a man away from all they evil in life
    can you take charge when need be a still be a loyal wife
    men need hugs a nd a good word too.
    Or a flower and card or that good massagge from youSo women don’t be so petty and try to prey on the weak.
    Cause when you want weak some time you get a weak freak.
    That tracks you down for your every moved just because you wanted your door opened by that fool.
    What i trying to say is there’s nuthing wrong with a thug
    he’ll teach you to be strong plus he’ll throw in a hug.

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