You Don’t Speak For Me

Enough! You don’t speak for me!
Vulgar and disrespectful Rap
does not make up enough
of a cross-section
to represent
the African-American demographic.
One small, albeit loud, percentage
of rap holding woman in low regard;
referring to other African-Americans as niggers;
while vocalizing little if any respect for others
and their property.
Enough! You don’t speak for me!

How dare you fix your lips to say
“nigger” isn’t disrespectful
as long as a Black man says it;
Hiding behind “freedom of expression;”
no less than the slave tyrants
who formed this nation
under less than equal opportunities.
How could you speak for me?
You’re to ignorant too even know your a plant!
Who do you really represent?
Surely not the Sojourner Truth’s!
Surely not the Benjamin Banneker’s!
Surely not the Martin Luther King’s and Malcolm X’s
who had more respect holding up a middle finger
than you do in your entire monologue.
Surely not the Andrew Beard’s
and George Washington Carver’s
without which the American Industrial Revolution would not have come
and most of us would have starved!

Were the trials and tribulations of our people lost to you?
Did you miss that piece of history
where people fought and died so you and I could share
water fountains and bus seats?!
Or are you so unappreciative and ignorant to think
you earned your “bling, bling” on your own?!
Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids
and you have proven you never grew up
and will probably die 200 pounds foolish
and 60 years mentally enslaved
because that freedom you think is dressed in all that money
ain’t nothin’ but a bigger cage
and you never even left the plantation!

© 2007 John M. Swails

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